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SEIU Commercial "Fired up and ready to go" following Gloria Allred allegations saying Meg Whitman knowingly hired illegals

September 30, 2010 Politisite 0

SEIU had a commercial online minutes after Attorney Gloria Allred admitted that her client, Nicky Diaz, was an illegal and worked using another citizens Social Security Number.
Gloria Allred held a news conferance streamed on-line. She stated she was providing reporters with a letter from the Social Security Office that stated that Diaz had provided the wrong SSN on her forms. What one wonders is how Allred got a hold of this document that she says proves Whitman knew of Diaz undocumented status?
I have a guess. Diaz who had as one of her responsibilities at the Whitman home was to get the mail each day, confiscated the letters and then added a few words that would implicate the Whitmans on knowingly hiring an undocumented worker. So Allreds “proof” to me, seems like no proof at all.
What does Allred want? For Whitman to apologize? Doubt it.
Looks to me like a last minute frontal attack. All the members were in place.
I am wondering, since Allred admitted that this woman is illegal , used fake identification to secure employment in the United States, when she will be turning her client over to the authorities for processing?

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California Primary Election Results: Meg Whitman Faces Jerry Brown

June 9, 2010 Politisite 0

California Primary Results Governor – Dem Primary June 09, 2010 – 03:20AM ET California – 13911 of 22896 Precincts Reporting – 61% Name Party Votes Vote % Brown , Jerry Dem 1,079,011 84% Pineda , Charles Dem 53,101 4% Aguirre , Richard Dem 50,618 4% Greene , Vibert Dem 30,163 2% Symmon , Joe Dem 29,175 2% Darling , Lowell Dem 21,527 2% Schurman , Peter Dem 19,037 1% Governor […]

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WikiMeg: Give us your Dirt (I mean opposition research) on Meg Whitman

March 9, 2010 Politisite 0

The hard work of digging up dirt on a political opponent – more politely known as opposition research – has traditionally been done in the dark recesses of a campaign operation. But analysts say a labor-union-funded independent campaign aimed at billionaire Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman breaks new ground in how it conducts “oppo research.” invites the rest of the world to shake the bushes for information about Whitman […]