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Charges filed against Jared Loughner, Read the Federal Complaint here

January 9, 2011 Politisite 0

The United States Attorney for the District of Arizona, Dennis K. Burke, announced today that his office filed a federal complaint against Jared Lee Loughner. The complaint was signed by Magistrate Judge Michelle Burns in Phoenix. Loughner is suspected of shooting U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords, Chief Judge John Roll, Giffords’ staff member Gabriel Zimmerman and approximately 16 others Saturday in Tucson. The federal complaint alleges five counts against Luughner: COUNT […]

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What is your Political IQ – Take the 12 Question Test by Pew research

November 18, 2010 Politisite 0

Want to get some idea of how tuned in to the political world?  Take this test to find out.  If you score less than 50%… you need to read Politisite and other news sources everyday! Take the Quiz To test your knowledge of prominent people and major events in the news, we invite you to take our short 12-question quiz. Then see how you did in comparison with 1,001 randomly […]

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John Adams, Franklin, and other Founding Fathers read the Quran

September 10, 2010 Politisite 0

Akbar Ahmed, the chair of Islamic studies at American University, has advised many government officials, including General Petraeus, Richard Holbrooke, and George W. Bush. He speaks regularly on BBC and CNN, and has appeared on many U.S. shows, including Oprah and Nightline. To oppose the “burn the Quran” event planned by Pastor Terry Jones, Ahmed wrote an editorial for CNN in which he stated: Not only are the actions of […]

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Read the Arizona Senate Bill 1070: immigration enforcement

April 28, 2010 Politisite 0

Arizona Senate Bill 1070: immigration enforcement Here is the final version of Arizona Senate Bill 1070. Paragraphs in blue indicate changes since the bill was introduced. Read the Bill here Related: Arizona Immigration Law SB1070 Opponents Call For Arizona Iced Tea Boycott … Arizona Immigration Law SB 1070: How is it Affecting Arizona? Arizona Immigration Law Text:2010 SB1070 Fallout Shakira to Fight SB1070 Immigration Law

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'Grassroots' Coffee Party Organizer turns out to be an Obama Political Operative

March 3, 2010 Politisite 0

How did the MSM miss this?  Very difficult to find out about Annabel Park’s background… It took a Google search!  This from NewsBusters: It turns out that the “grassroots” organizer of the “progressive alternative” to the Tea Parties, the Coffee Party, has been exposed as an Obama political operative. If you had read the profiles of the Coffee Party founder Annabel Park (photo) in the Washington Post or New York […]

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Liberals Read More Books? Does, "Green Eggs and Ham", Count?

December 27, 2007 Politisite 0

Liberals Read More Books Albert N. Milliron- September 24th 2007 (IMNS & Columbia, SC- Thursday, August 23, 2007- When you compare the number of books a political group reads, it means nothing! A poll on the number of words or content might be of interest. So if a liberal reads, “The Cat in the Hat” and the conservative reads, “The Bible” that counts as one book.This poll reminds me […]