SNL Mocks Obamacare Website

October 27, 2013 Albert N. Milliron 0

“Unfortunately, the site was only designed to handle six users at a time.” Obamacare Website Ad A U.S. government official works through glitches on the Obamacare website. ‘SNL’ parodied Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and the Obamacare website problems. SNL Mocks Obamacare […]

Classic: SNL Spoofs Obamacare – Video

September 29, 2013 Albert N. Milliron 1

Saturday night live started its season premiere with a Spoof on ObamaCare. The skit opened with Obama introducing different pseudo individuals explaining how ObamaCare is a wonderful program. The first individual (Jennifer Osbourne) ranted about how she is psyched over […]