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Blaming the Voters – Democrats embrace the Chris Farley school of political motivation.

September 29, 2010 politisite 0

Democrats seeking to boost voter turnout this fall are beginning to sound like the late comedian Chris Farley’s portrayal of a “motivational speaker” on Saturday Night Live. Farley’s character sought to inspire young people by announcing that they wouldn’t amount to “jack squat” and would someday be “living in a van down by the river.” Massachusetts Senator John Kerry, who prefers sailing vessels to vans by the river, recently tried […]

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Don't look for the Teachers union Label for School test-score analysis

August 16, 2010 politisite 0

As someone who ran call centers for fifteen years, I can attest to the necessity of objective measures in analyzing performance and mission success.  For tasks where direct and constant supervision is impossible, the development of performance metrics is critical to determine whether an organization accomplishes its tasks regularly and reliably, and which employees succeed or fail individually.  This applies in education, perhaps especially, where teachers inevitably make the determination […]

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California kids blasted for wearing American flag shirts on Cinco de Mayo

May 6, 2010 politisite 0

Last time I checked this is America A handful of California students got an unexpected lesson at their high school this week: Don’t wear your stars and stripes on Cinco de Mayo. Five Morgan Hill, California students were asked to take off their American flag bandannas and turn their T-shirts inside out after students complained, according to NBC news in San Francisco. Many members of Live Oak High School’s large […]