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Friends of Barack (FOB) The White House mob

February 6, 2011 Politisite 0

Op-Ed By Paul Westcott The Obama White House is a lot like the mob, you don’t want to deal with them but do, to make sure you’re “protected”.   Unions for example would prefer to roam free and not have to give away any of their union dues for political donations but they do, for protection.  The amount they gave away in election 2008 was over $30-million and man, are they […]

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SEIU Drops Health Coverage for Workers’ Children

November 29, 2010 Politisite 0

One of the largest union-administered health-insurance funds in New York is dropping coverage for the children of more than 30,000 low-wage home attendants, union officials said. The union blamed financial problems it said were caused by the state’s health department and new national health-insurance requirements. The fund is administered by 1199 SEIU United Healthcare Workers East, an affiliate of the Service Employees International Union. Union officials said the state compelled […]

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SEIU Commercial "Fired up and ready to go" following Gloria Allred allegations saying Meg Whitman knowingly hired illegals

September 30, 2010 Politisite 0

SEIU had a commercial online minutes after Attorney Gloria Allred admitted that her client, Nicky Diaz, was an illegal and worked using another citizens Social Security Number.
Gloria Allred held a news conferance streamed on-line. She stated she was providing reporters with a letter from the Social Security Office that stated that Diaz had provided the wrong SSN on her forms. What one wonders is how Allred got a hold of this document that she says proves Whitman knew of Diaz undocumented status?
I have a guess. Diaz who had as one of her responsibilities at the Whitman home was to get the mail each day, confiscated the letters and then added a few words that would implicate the Whitmans on knowingly hiring an undocumented worker. So Allreds “proof” to me, seems like no proof at all.
What does Allred want? For Whitman to apologize? Doubt it.
Looks to me like a last minute frontal attack. All the members were in place.
I am wondering, since Allred admitted that this woman is illegal , used fake identification to secure employment in the United States, when she will be turning her client over to the authorities for processing?

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SEIU Misspells ‘American Dream’ Banner at Rally

August 31, 2010 Politisite 0

Those Bright folks on the left are always pointing to Banners, at Right Wing events, that have misspelling.  Well we have one for you.  The New SEIU motto, “there is no “I” in the Amercan Dream! What a hoot Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words. via » SEIU Misspells ‘American Dream’ at Rally – Big Government. Next a Banner will read, “Sham on you Glenn Beck” Email […]

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Obama Administration Pays $400 Million in Bonuses to Federal Employees

June 14, 2010 Politisite 0

What do we bet SEIU will not be in front of the White House protesting these bonuses? The Obama Administration handed out more than $400 million in awards to federal employees last year, up by more than $80 million from the prior year, according to new government data. The biggest winners were air traffic controllers and top managers in Washington, a review of fiscal year 2009 salary reports from the […]

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SEIU protesters had Police escort to trespass at bank exec’s home

May 24, 2010 Politisite 0

Big Journalism has been all over this, including the odd detail that D.C. cops evidently escorted the Purple People-Beaters to the Bank of America executive’s home in Rockville, Maryland. Fox News regular Nina Easton was on the scene, with good reason: She lives right next door. Quote: Last Sunday, on a peaceful, sun-crisp afternoon, our toddler finally napping upstairs, my front yard exploded with 500 screaming, placard-waving strangers on a […]

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Video: SEIU Andy Stern Resigns

April 15, 2010 Politisite 0

Interview: SEIU Head Andy Stern Steps Down LISTEN NOW For the last 14 years, Andy Stern has led the Service Employees International Union. At the height of his power, he plans to resign from his post at SEIU. Here’s the farewell message and video now being disseminated by SEIU thug-in-chief Andy Stern in advance of his official announcement tomorrow (h/t Vermontaigne). Behind that cheesy, phony smile, as I reported the […]

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Rep. Wasserman Schultz: There were no Dirty deals on health Care reform

April 6, 2010 Politisite 0

No Dirty deals on Health Care?  Dems really do think constituents are stupid. From Gateway Pundit Last night, I attended and took on Debbie Wasserman Schultz at her SEIU thug controlled townhall. She played a propaganda film with lying Dem talking points and filled the place early with 3/4 of the people to intimidate. She so-called meeting was tightly controlled. Outside there were 100’s of protesters….and thugs shoving tea party […]

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White House 'We will punch back twice as hard', A Black Conservative has the wounds to prove it!

August 10, 2009 Politisite 0

President Obama – the leader of the United States of America – is telling the minority of Americans who support his plans for socialized medicine to “punch back twice as hard” at those who oppose his plans for a government take-over of our health care system. Can you imagine? A President of the United States saying such a thing? Them’s fightin’ words! The neophyte man-child is angry. Angry that average […]