President Obama – Remembering 9/11

September 11, 2013 Albert N. Milliron 0

REMARKS BY THE PRESIDENT AT THE SEPTEMBER 11TH OBSERVANCE AT THE PENTAGON MEMORIAL The Pentagon , Arlington, Virginia   9:32 A.M. EDT THE PRESIDENT:  Good morning. AUDIENCE:  Good morning! THE PRESIDENT:  From Scripture, we learn of the miracle of restoration.  […]

Benghazi Attack One Year Later – Not One Arrest

September 10, 2013 Albert N. Milliron 0

As The One-Year Anniversary Of Benghazi Approaches, Questions Linger About The Attack And The Administration’s Response WHY HAVE OFFICIALS AT BOTH STATE DEPARTMENT AND CIA DESCRIBED INTIMIDATION EFFORTS CONCERNING BENGHAZI? A 22-Year Foreign Service Officer Has Felt “Punished” And “Shunted […]

2 Million Bikers Ride to DC on 9/11

August 23, 2013 Albert N. Milliron 9

Welcome to America! Muslims who have begun promoting a 9/11 march in Washington that originally was to protest “anti-Islamic bigotry in the U.S.” and then turned into a “March Against Fear” may have some competition. Loud competition. Very loud. And […]