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Obama's Pathetic Budget

February 14, 2011 politisite 2

Has Fred Barnes been watching too many episodes of the  Fox Medical Drama “House”.  Barnes calls President Obama’s budget “pathetic”. The country faces a worsening debt crisis and Obama has not come to play. He kissed off the crisis in his State of the Union address last month. And now his plan for spending over the next 10 years doesn’t come close to dealing with the debt problem. So he’s […]

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U.S. debt approaching 100% of GDP

May 15, 2010 politisite 0

So when does one stop spending and cut back? The U.S. national debt will soon reach 100% of GDP, the IMF predicts in a new report. The following graph shows the sharp rise in U.S. debt starting in around 2006. By 2015, the IMF suggests, debt could reach well over 100% of GDP. The IMF predicts that the U.S. would need to reduce its structural deficit by the equivalent of […]

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Monkeys getting High on Stimulus money

March 9, 2010 politisite 0

When President Obama said, “what do you think a stimulus bill is?” I did not think it was to buy cocaine and get Monkeys high. I know there is monkey business in Washington but again, not this kind. I am a bit miffed that Monkeys are getting high on my dime. But that is what a stimulus bill is, a spending bill, for drugs and monkeys. So how many jobs? Well only 1 but not even a new job, an existing job … are those people HIGH?