Al Jazeera sues Al Gore

September 19, 2014 Albert N. Milliron 0

Al Jazeera is suing Al Gore. Seems the owners of the network should have read the Quran that says, “do not take the Jews and the Christians as allies.” Especially those global warming nut jobs. The parties are fighting over […]

Republicans Sue IRS on Tax Day

April 15, 2014 Albert N. Milliron 0

WASHINGTON – Today the Republican National Committee (RNC) filed a lawsuit against the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for withholding records sought by the RNC’s 2013 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. In the initial request on May 21, 2013, the RNC […]

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ACLU sues Obama over phone Data

June 11, 2013 Albert N. Milliron 0

A.C.L.U. Sues Obama Administration Over Collection of Phone Logs The American Civil Liberties Union on Tuesday filed a lawsuit against the Obama administration over its “dragnet” collection of logs of domestic phone calls, contending that the once-secret program — whose […]